Teva Nilch – Water Shoe

Teva Nilch – Water Shoe

Zilch - Water Shoe - Teva

I really wanted to like the Teva Nilch  water shoe. It’s inexpensive, slip-on, zero drop, and built to handle water. When I received the shoe, however, I was disappointed. It fits comfortably, with or without socks, but when I walk, it makes a skreeek skreeek skreeek sound as my foot expands and contracts on the foot bed, even with thick cotton socks. The soles are grippy enough, but they are quite stiff so you go clop clop when you walk.

I like that they have a water-tight guard all the way around the shoe, high enough to keep out the puddles, but as a water shoe they are a bit of a fail since they have no drainage, and leave you walking around in little bathtubs full of water until you dump them out.

These feel more like a prop than something that was intended for regular wear. The shoe equivalent of plastic fruit.

If I haven’t dissuaded you from wanting a pair of these for yourself, you can buy them on amazon.